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Lawrie Robinson

"I wake up every day motivated to get my clients to love themselves more and become stronger mentally and physically. I am no where near perfect but if I can inspire the people around me to lead a healthier life and make them feel better about themselves then I am doing exactly what I set out to do."


Simone Paardekooper

"I have always been fit and healthy. Being a career firefighter (18 years) it's part of my job. I have always wanted to do a bodybuilding comp but never having the dedication or confidence to go ahead with it. Last year after training for the firefighter calendar with my husband I decided it was time. 
I have loved my training and the changes that have occurred. I love being 47 and looking and feeling this fit."

Bec Durrant

"During a four year period of my mother's ill health and eventually dying, I turned to fitness for physical strength and mental health. I am now a Personal Trainer coaching other women to and men to do the same!

Laura Tafuro

"I think that being fit and healthy is very important and leading an healthy, active and dynamic lifestyle is essential to feel good and to be focused on every different task in our lives."

Angela Simms

"I experienced the benefits exercise has on the brain and at the same time I took my body back. I couldn't control my headspace for the time being but I could control my workouts, my intensity and my body composition. It was so empowering."

Robyn Whitehill

" Its been a rewarding journey and still love being strong mentally and physically."


Jamie Schuster

I have always had a love for competitive team sports and individual improvement of ones own general health & fitness... but when I moved to Perth I rediscovered my love for combat sports and began competing in mixed martial arts. Originally from a Boxing and Tae Kwon Do background I gravitated to the sport with enthusiasm and enjoyment. But my root motivation was quenching that primal urge of battle thus connecting with my Maori warrior heritage and a connection to my ancestors, home fires and land.
"Mauri Tu, Mauri Ora, Mauri noho, mauri mate" which when translated to English means...
"An active spirit means life, an inactive life leads to early death"

Robyn Stevens.jpg

Robyn Stevens

"Mental health issues affect so many of us at one time or another in our lives. Please help me to support Lifeline WA, it's a great cause that can make a real difference. :)"


Ella MacGregor

"Sometimes people get so sad that they don’t want to keep on living, but they can call Lifeline and the people at Lifeline help them think of all the reasons that they should stay alive. I would like to raise lots and lots of money to help Lifeline WA to help people so please donate to my first fun run."

lorna lifeline .jpg

Miho Roberts.jpg

Miho Roberts

"Although I'm fitter now than I ever was in my twenties, I have carried some apprehension and my mental strength and determination has and will continue to be tested in the coming months."..."Please spread the word by sharing my page. Thank you in advance for your generosity."

Kate Trevenen

"One of the greatest achievements from my new found love is becoming an inspiration to my kids by doing something that will show them that they have everything in life to achieve whatever their hearts desire"

Simone Eley

"5 1/2 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. I am now his full time carer and it is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. My workout routine has become a combination of keeping me fit and strong, a stress release and social too."

Alani Morgan

"Helping others make change in their own lives is just as rewarding to me as reaching my own goals and i hope to be able to help many women reach their own goals in the future. You can reach me on Instagram @alani_morgan If you want to take that first step, I'll be here to help."


Pru Hesson

"[I] have been running free classes to help the community who can't afford health and fitness advice from a gym, and have been running/attending many charity events as this is something I'm very passionate about."

Kirsty Ois

"Life doesn't go always the way we plan it. But if you believe in yourself and in your goals, everything is possible! Dream it, wish it, do it!"

jacinta lifeline photo.jpg

Jacinta Hanrahan

"Exercise has so many physical benefits, and these are well known, but for me the emotional and spiritual wellbeing that comes from exercise is something I value greatly."

Stacey and Josh Day

"Fitness is more then a size or shape, it's a life style and doing it alone or with someone else can change your life for ever."

stacey and josh lifeline .jpg

Kym Tarr.jpeg

Kym Tarr

"Regular exercise has given me strength inside and out and meeting people at the gym and at crossfit has put me in good company which has kind of taken the place of the loving network of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and palliative carers that I had around me in PMH."

Ali Burnam

"Although I like getting my sweat on in the gym, I find yoga calms my mind & frees my spirit. I leave my yoga class walking on a cloud & ready to face the world again."

Ali Burnam (Williams).jpeg

Amanda Ingram.jpeg

Amanda Ingram

"Each person has their own story to tell. If there is one piece of advice I can give now, knowing what I know, is don't be afraid to ask for help. You are never alone. Even on those dark days when you just feel like giving up. Those are the days you could be so close to something you've dreamt about."

Tegan Towie

"I am now less than half the woman I was in 2013 but i am mentally, physically and emotionally stronger and I can now skip with two feet off the ground ;)"

tegan towie lifeline.jpg

danae cornford.jpg

Danae Cornford

"My goal is to help others see the benefits that come from living a healthy and active lifestyle and how it can snowball into all areas of your life. I want to help people recognise their potential and be motivated to live everyday to the fullest."

Jack Olden

"I started out training at a young age to assist with problems I was having at home/school. I found it to be a good outlet for me and helped me to deal with my issues."

Jack olden.jpeg

Linda Lim Lifeline.jpg

Linda Lim

"We don't know why some things happen, but we can extract positivity from every challenge which may not be apparent at the start. We choose to be happy no matter how bad things are."

Laura Stumpers

"To participate in this project required me to go WAY out of my comfort zone, for a very worthwhile cause mind you! Exercise is an integral part of who I am. I run to be happy, I lift weights to feel strong, I swim for my soul."

laura stumpers lifeline .jpg

sasha dowson lifeline .jpg

Sasha Dowson

"helping others achieve their goals of getting healthier and changing their lifestyle which I truly love doing."

Prudence Chamberlain

"It feels so amazing to be healthy and have energy again and to be able to lose the extra weight the steroids have made me gain. I just feel alive again and I love it."

Prudence Chamberlain.jpg

Vanessa Neilson.jpg

Vanessa Nielsen

" I have three boys and I always have said I don't want to sit on the sidelines watching them, I want them to see me active and feeling good about my physical as well as my emotional self and that's what exercise does for me - makes me feel positive and good about myself unlike some it has little to do with weight but it's a total psychological well being."

Kelli-Ann Betti

"I honestly think fitness is not just about creating a healthy body, sometimes it is more about creating a healthy mind or maybe even healing the soul."

Kelli-Ann Betti.jpg

Stuart Pestana.jpg

Stuart Pestana

"My most recent adventures include trekking the Kimberly's surviving on what the land had to offer and most recently a trek to Mt Everest Base Camp with a fellow member and instructors of my martial arts school."

Sarah Wright

"Mental strength, determination, dedication, discipline... These are all values which I try and practice in all aspects of my life. And I am forever developing these when I am competing. Not necessarily competing against others, because I am no-where near an elite athlete!! but I am always competing with myself. To be faster, stronger and fitter."

sarah wright lifeline.jpg

Tiara Williams Lifeline.jpg

Tiara Williams

"Exercise and mental health is of particular significance to me having a family where mental health conditions seem endless from clinical depression to manic bi-polar we have it I have had 3 separate friends and family express feelings of suicide"

Tracey Cawthorne

"Mentally, I am stronger, more confident and self-assured and have a belief and trust in myself especially when faced with new or challenging experiences, like changing a flat tyre or packing and unpacking then assembling my bike after travelling."

Tracey Cawthorne.jpg

Justin Boag.jpg

Justin Boag

"People these days look for a easy fix, they don't exist. I love helping people on their health journey and watching not necessarily the change in their appearance, but in their mindset."

Donna Love

"The fact is that exercising makes the muscles stronger, reducing the pain and improving the happy hormones in the brain that make pain bearable. It is about achieving something that you never dreamt you could."

Donna Love.jpg

Kat Muir.jpg

Kat Muir

"You need to still do the things that fulfil your own visions in order to keep you inspired and motivated. I always love the saying "you can’t pour from an empty cup". Don't be afraid of the space between dreams and reality."

Lonneke Holleman

"I am a Health & Physical Education Teacher and have always valued a healthy and active lifestyle. Within the work that I do, I try to empower and encourage the adolescents of today to be in control of their health and to see and understand the multiple benefits of being as holistically healthy as they can. I have recently taken to Pilates as a break from distance running and I am really enjoying how it makes me feel - mentally and physically."


Minnie Clark

"The only limitations one has are the ones they place on themselves"
-Muhammad Ali
This is my all time favourite quote and completely sums me up!! Exercise has and will always be such a huge part in mental health for me- I love feeling healthy inside and out- and being determined and challenging myself makes me feel strong and happy!

Saiful Murtaza

"There were many people and experiences that led me on the path to healing, fitness being one of them. The physical and mental barriers I broke through in training Muaythai and bodybuilding taught me a lot of positive things about myself and the people I met along the way cemented that self belief with their positivity and encouragement."

Erika Massey

"I discovered the mental strength I earnt from exercise and strengthening my body. It gave me the strength mentally to leave a ten year marriage toxic with emotional and mental abuse from my husband. 
From there I left my marriage after being too frightened to, and became a single mum to three kids and Perseud my love of fitness to become a personal trainer in the hope my motivation would help empower women to feel worthy and strong in themselves. "

Kiera Davis

"I see my wings & remeber that amazing night & the journey I took & along the way I made new friends, inspired other friends to start training & show ladies that it's ok to lift weights and prove to my self that anything is possible if you just have a positive attitude & want it bad enough." 

steve lifeline.jpg

Steve Meredith

 "I aim to prove to myself and others that it is never too late to set, chase and achieve your fitness/life aspirations."

Gayle Smith

"My love of life and my determination to succeed and be the best person I can be under the circumstances never left me and even though life was never going to be the same again, I am making the most of every day. I am back at work doing what I love, I jump into the ocean most mornings, feel the sand between my toes and breath in that beautiful fresh air and love every minute of it."

Kristy Archibald

"I'm in the gym 5 days a week lifting weights and doing circuit classes as well as having taken up Tae Kwon Do. I've also enjoyed the strength, positivity and sense of control that my fitness journey has given me - I've now qualified as a Personal Trainer and hope to pass that on to others. "

Sonia Barrett

"With me graciously accepting that my exercise routines may change on a daily basis, I have a a variety of exercise routines that I can pick and choose from depending on how my week is going."

Kirsten Walker

"I'm mainly into the gym at the minute I'm not really a sports person but I love the gym and I also love boxing training which I do with my personal trainer. Such a good stress relieve"

Marilyn & Rob

"I love nothing more than teaching a huge class! The energy is amazing and seeing people achieve things they did not think possible is the best part of my job." -Marilyn

"I found my passion for the health and fitness industry and wanting to help others achieve what I had achieved." - Rob

Emma Lockhart

"Felling good, fit and healthy was my number one goal. Over the years I started to run, hike, surf, and practice Yoga. I received my 200 hour teachers training certification in 2013 in Pokhara Nepal. Nepal has been an inspiration place for me and a soul cleansing and healing journey."

Michelle Cooke

"Everyone comes to my classes for different reasons, I could be having a low day but I won’t want to let others down. So I put on my face of wellness and teach, but the end of the class the faces of my students light me up! What they have achieved in their session is so rewarding! Weather they have felt something different in their body, mastered an old movement, really understood or challenged themselves in a new away. I get so much joy out of empowering others to achieve their personal goals, even if it’s just for that session."

Hayley Farley

"Fitness plays an important role in staying mentally healthy for me and I love being able to give back to my clients, who inspire me - each in their own way." 

Jessica Hockley

"Kununurra, WA was the town that introduced me to confidence, patience, appreciation, self respect and above all, love, in taking care of myself and showing those close around me anything is possible. This all came to life via taking the first step into the world of fitness."

Susanna Lee

"Being the best  you can be at anytime of your  life ... " has always inspired  me on my fitness journey.

It's shown me how  dedication  and discipline  has made me stronger mentally as well as physically .... healthy and happy.

Jade Szann

" My curiosity has me never turning down a challenge or an opportunity for new experiences. 
I hold a passion for health, nutrition and exercise and now has made it my goal to share that with others that want to enjoy a healthy and natural lifestyle."