Product Profile: Hot Tools

After receiving many enquiries about the products I use and where to get them, I decided to do a little write up on a couple of my favourite hot tools. Watch this space for more ‘Product Profiles’ as I continue to write about my all time favourites. 

GHD Hair Straightener

One of my all time favourites, the GHD hair straightener comes in a variety of different sizes and can both straighten AND curl your hair. I prefer the medium size GHD for this reason. With that being said, if you have a lot of hair and it’s quite thick, then perhaps you should look at investing in the large plate. On the contrary,  if you have short hair, it’s best to invest in the smaller plate. All three of them will create different size curls but I find the medium GHD to be the most versatile. 

Cutek Curling Wand

One of my favourite looks is that natural beach wavey curl and I absolutely love the Cutek curling wand for this. The barrel is tapered to give a really nice curl while creating volume at the roots.

Section out the hair and wrap each piece around the large end of the barrel to the small end starting from the root to tip. Allow the curl to cool before touching it. This is very important! Once you have finished curling the whole head, gently brush your fingers through your curls to let them drop. Use product as needed.

liliana sorossi