Importance of Recovery

Rest Days

Research has shown that the more you train, the more susceptible you are to injury if you do not take a rest day. This is partially due to cumulative fatigue. 



When lifting weights, you are essentially tearing the muscle fibers. Your muscle requires rest for you immune system to repair and grow the muscle. You can help achieve recovery by staggering the days in which you train different muscle groups and taking a much needed rest day.

 Rest days are important to prevent overuse of muscles. If you push too hard without adequate rest, your muscles and joints will suffer. This is due to the fact that you are not giving your body the time needed to repair the damaged muscles resulting in inflammation and eventually injury. 

 Our immune systems can become overwhelmed during periods of heavy activity. By consitantly being activated to repair muscles and joints our immune system struggles to catch up on any other repairs the body requires. This may result in injury and illness. 

Mental Fatigue

From a psychological point, overtraining has been known to lead to burnout. Taking a rest day can help to prevent not only physical fatigue but also mental fatigue by recharging the psyche. 

 So remember to take time a schedule in your rest days. Book in for a massage at one of our favorite places in Perth such as Happy Physio, Embody Health or Bodhi J. Remember that taking a day off is good for you and wont set you back. Stretching in the form of light yoga and/or meditation are great ways to actively rest. Ensure you are getting adequate amounts of sleep. 


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